Flame Painter

Flame Painter 4.1

Create original artworks using various flame brushes

Flame Painter is a drawing tool developed for people who wish to easily create quality and original artwork on their Windows PCs. The program gives you access to various brush effects which simulate fire flames and can be applied to your personal pictures with minimum effort.

The utility also enables you to create your own drawing using the available brushes and output options. For instance, you can select the Ribbon brush, adjust its size, speed, and span levels, and immediately start drawing on an empty sheet.

Since I used the trial version of the program in my testing, I wasn't able to export my design. However, I was able to test every editing tool and easily configure the software's settings according to my needs.

Another great aspect is that Flame Painter offers multi-layer support and allows you to export individual layers from your design as SVG files.

Still, keep in mind that the Pro edition of the program gives you access to more features, like support for editable vector layers, super-smooth anti-aliasing (SSAA), options to open and save layered PSD files, etc. And even though the Pro variant of the utility a bit more expensive, I'd say it's worth buying it, especially if you plan on using the tool often on your Windows computer.

Ashley Griggs
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Review summary


  • Provides you with multiple drawing tools
  • You can add multiple layers to your graphic design
  • Customizable interface
  • You can use various hotkeys for controlling the way the utility works


  • The Pro edition of the product provides you with more features
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